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Herbal Solutions for Women's Wellbeing


When we think of ‘women’s health’, the first thing that comes to mind is usually our cycles and our stages of life - menarche, fertility, perimenopause, the menopause. Each of these stages has so many nuances to them, and yet our health is so much more than just our reproductive system. In this on-demand webinar, instead of talking about which herb is ‘good for’ pain or which herb is ‘good for’ energy and so on, I’m going to introduce you to three core concepts, which span all aspects of women’s health. They’re based on Ayurvedic principles (herbal medicine from the Indian subcontinent), but I’ll be sharing them in the context of what herbs we have accessible to us here in the UK. These will give you a foundation you can use to explore and support your health naturally with herbs.





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