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Private Consultations
Cultivate Deep Health

Herbalist Meghan Rhodes conducting a private consultation

Meghan offers a holistic approach to help you cultivate deep health. Combining Western Herbal Medicine and Ayurveda, she takes the time to listen to and assess your needs, then formulate individualised remedies best suited to your body's requirements and lifestyle. Whether there's something you haven't been able to put your finger on, or you just prefer a natural approach to health, she's happy to help you restore balance.

At your initial consultation, she'll spend up to an hour and a half focused on you. Together, you'll discuss what's prompted you to book in, as well as your full history, and check in with all major aspects of the body to get a complete picture. This will help her get to the root of any imbalances, as well as understand which herbs will best address your needs. Your bespoke remedies will be made from scratch using all natural, professional grade ingredients and posted to you.

Herbalist Meghan Rhodes dispensing a bespoke herbal remedy for a client

During your follow-up consultations, Meghan will check your progress and adjust your remedies as necessary. If anything's new or has changed, she'll take that into account, as well.

Meghan works with clients on a course of treatment to naturally and effectively cleanse, balance and nourish, supporting you to establish lasting wellbeing, rather than surface-level quick fixes.


Meghan has very limited availability for taking on new clients. Please complete the form at the bottom of this page to enquire if there are any openings.

Meghan welcomes adults, children and infants in her practice for support with:


Health starts in the gut, and herbs are expert at clearing toxins, repairing damage and encouraging proper functioning of all aspects of digestion.

Stress & Fatigue

Whether you suffer from low levels of energy or need help managing stressful circumstances, herbs can build your strength to bolster your stamina and restore your vitality.

Skin Conditions

Acne, eczema and other skin conditions can be uncomfortable and impact self-confidence, but herbs can aid in treating your skin both topically and from the inside out.

Immunity & Vitality

Managing lifelong conditions, as well as recent onset post-viral fatigue and blows to the immune system can successfully be supported with herbs to garner a better quality of life.

Women's Health

From regulating your cycle to hormone imbalances, fertility and pregnancy through to the menopause, herbs can help alleviate discomfort and support your health.

Muscle & Joint Pain

Discomfort in the body impacts all aspects of our daily lives, so herbs are used to address muscle and joint pain symptoms, as well as the underlying causes.


It's essential to ensure our hearts are working their best, and a wealth of herbs exist to support cardiovascular health.

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'Having a condition as I do, where it’s still not quite understood and where the doctors have been advised to put people like me on opioids, I sought out an alternative route and found Meghan.
Meghan not only took her time to fully understand my condition, she listened to what my needs were and provided me with alternative solutions that worked! I have suffered from insomnia and chronic fatigue in addition to what I have, and within the first dose it was
the most sleep I had in years! 
I am really happy with the service I received, and it really did make a difference to my life.
Thank you, Meghan.'

~ Rachel

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