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pot of chamomile tea

Herbal Tastes Mini Course

Make yourself a cuppa and start to decode the tastes of herbs. These tastes are what our bodies already know to respond to when we're working with herbs medicinally - it's baked into our biology. And whilst our bodies haven't forgotten this knowledge, our brains have. Bringing this awareness back to the forefront will not only help you get to know a new herb and understand its benefits faster (without having to comb through stacks of reference books), but it will also unlock your ability to pair herbs with people, messages/symptoms and remedy types more effectively, breaking through the analysis paralysis.

In this mini herbalism course, you'll learn four of the seven key tastes in herbalism - bitter, salty, mucilaginous and astringent. You'll receive access to a new session with its corresponding downloadable worksheet each week. 

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