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A Pain in the Joints ~ A Herbal Approach to Arthritis, RSI and Gout

Written by Meghan Rhodes MCPP MAPA

Pain, stiffness, inflammation and weakness - there are many causes and conditions for these types of discomfort in the joints, from osteoarthritis to repetitive strain injury (RSI) to gout and so on.

The allopathic approach is to silence the pain and inhibit the inflammatory response so you can keep calm and carry on.

Whilst no one deserves to go through life in chronic pain, the herbal approach is to moderate the inflammatory response and encourage healing where damage, strain and/or build up has occurred, rather than putting a stopper on your body's attempts to communicate its needs.

relaxing scene with candles, amber glass aromatherapy jars and soft linen fabric

So let's look at how we address pain and inflammation in the joints from the perspective of herbal medicine to support you in repairing and restoring the body and allowing those inflammatory signals to turn off naturally.

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