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Back to School Essentials for the Family Herbal Home Medicine Cabinet

Written by Meghan Rhodes MCPP MAPA

One of my mantras when it comes to home herbalism and living herbalism is to always be prepared.

All the knowledge in the world doesn't get you very far when someone gets sick (or is on the way) and you've not got your herbal remedies to hand.

With over 36 different remedies available in The Members' Apothecary, here are my top picks to be prepared for that back to school/beginning of cold and flu season time of year.

herbal tincture blends in The Members' Apothecary by Rhodes Roots & Remedies

Old Friend

This is our family favourite and primary go to for general colds, particularly with an upper respiratory bent (and yes, even the dreaded virus-that-shall-not-be-named). We wouldn't be without it, so I highly recommend having a bottle to hand year-round. Remember, if you need to dive into the details of chesty colds, you can find the members' only article here.

Healthy Fever

Supporting a healthy fever is one of the most common (and empowering) ways you can care for yourself and your family naturally with herbs at home. I've written all about understanding healthy fevers in a previous article here, as well as the many uses of the Healthy Fever tincture blend (because versatility is brilliant when you're looking to be both effective and efficient in stocking your herbal home medicine cabinet) here.

Cough Calming

Whilst we know not to conflate easing a cough reflex with supporting the body to overcome the infection causing the cough, sometimes we just need a bit of relief to get through the process - especially when our bodies desperately want to get some solid sleep to keep our reserves up and work through that cold. This is where the Cough Calming tincture blend is invaluable. It's non-drowsy, so can be taken during the day, as well.

Aspirin Alternative

Finally, I've written at length about aspirin, pain and the inflammatory response in a previous article here, but having an effective herbal option for pain relief to hand is essential because this is where a lot of people get caught out in the moment and then feel stuck between not wanting to use paracetamol/ibuprofen/aspirin/NSAIDs, but really need to cut the pain whilst they address the underlying causes. That's why Aspirin Alternative is one to keep in the cabinet year round.

I consider all four of these remedies staples for every herbal home medicine cabinet, so I've packaged them up as the Essentials Bundle, making it easier to stock up in one go.

Child-Specific Remedies

If you know your child tends to pick up those classic childhood illnesses, you may want to get your favourites in advance, although orders usually arrive in two business days.

You can find the entire children's collection here, including:

So prepare yourself and your family with your essential herbal remedies and be sure to follow my tips on boosting your immune systems and resilience against colds to have a healthy, happy school year ahead!


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