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Building Confidence in Kitchen Herbalism

Written by Meghan Rhodes MCPP MAPA

Let's talk about the art of kitchen herbalism, which was quite possibly the 'original' herbalism before members of communities started developing specialised roles and which is at the heart of everyone remembering, reclaiming, and relearning ways to take ownership of their own health.

When you have a well stocked spice cabinet at home and a small but versatile collection of herbs, there is so much you can make in the moments when you need support with a core set of skills and knowledge.

cup of tea on top of old pages and a book with drying herbs hanging in the background

The simplest way to make a syrup, for example, is to make a strong infusion of herbs, strain, and then combine over a low heat 50/50 with honey. I had the earliest twinges of a sore throat recently, so I went straight into the kitchen and made myself a small batch of syrup with all my favourite throat soothing and immune supporting herbs - liquorice, elderberry, thyme, rosehips, and a tiny bit of echinacea tincture to top it off.

It was genuinely delicious, and a day and a half and 75mls or so later, the sore throat was gone.

Imagine how well we could all be if we all had the confidence to make what we needed in our homes and the ability to listen to and support our bodies with kind, effective medicines, rather than chemicals that silence symptoms and do more harm than good.

If you'd like to build your confidence making herbal medicines at home, explore our workshops and events and book on to the starting point that suits you.

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