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Create a Legacy and Tradition You Can Be Proud Of

Written by Meghan Rhodes MCPP MAPA

What will your legacy be?

Culture, traditions and habits all start in the home. So what do you want to pass down to the next generation?

Do you want to pass down worry and stress? Poor health? Having to rely on systems and corporations to meet your needs?

Or do you want to pass down knowledge, resilience, self-reliance, resourcefulness and strength?

mother and child's hands holding sage leaves growing in the garden

Will you be the one in your family tree future generations look back on and say -

She wasn't afraid to do something different.

He created such a wealth of knowledge for us.

Thank goodness she taught us how to take care of ourselves.

Because of him, we can make our own medicines.

Because of her, we can thrive no matter what this upside down world throws at us.

Will your legacy be in stories, in written journals, in recipes?

Will it be in the strength of the genes you pass down, the fortitude of character, the knowledge in their bones?

When I look back on my family tree, I see so many incredible people who came before me. When I look at my daughter, I know exactly who I want to be for her, for her children, and how I want to be remembered in generations to come.

And you?

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