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Develop Self-Reliance, Develop Self-Resilience

Written by Meghan Rhodes MCPP MAPA

Resilience is increasingly important to many of us. What grounds us? What keeps us strong? What gives us the ability to move forward?

Community is incredibly profound, and yet not all of us find ourselves in places or locations where we can connect with real, live, likeminded people in person on a regular basis.

So how do we fortify ourselves?

Qualified herbalist Meghan Rhodes in her apothecary garden harvesting chamomile

One way is to cultivate self-reliance, exploring ways to be empowered through independence. We can grow our own herbs. We can make our own medicines. We can understand our bodies. We can trust our instincts.

We can bring care back into our homes and support ourselves to tend one another.

Knowing you can do it yourself - and often, do it better - gives fulfilment. It gives satisfaction. It gives vitality and longevity.

It gives resilience.

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