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Herbal Medicine as Divine Feminine Right, Ancestral Wisdom & Unlocking the Secrets of Herbs

Katie Huntsman interviews Meghan Rhodes on The Wild Woman Waking Podcast

Wild Woman Waking Podcast

Those of you who have been on a workshop or course with me know we can get into some pretty fascinating conversations alongside the practical how-to of herbalism, so I am incredibly pleased to share I have recorded my first episode as a podcast guest with the wonderful Katie Huntsman of the Wild Woman Waking podcast.

The episode - Herbal Medicine as our Divine Feminine Right, Embodying Ancestral Wisdom & Unlocking the Secrets of Herbs through the Senses - has been released today on Spotify (coming soon to other podcasting platforms). In it, we talk about:

  • My connection to plant medicine as a woman and my journey into herbalism

  • Why our bodies know how to respond to plant medicine even if we aren’t trained herbalists

  • Decoding the main messages the 7 key tastes of herbs tell our bodies

  • The power of taking responsibility for our own health through the lens of personal and family health

  • The history of our separation from our intuitions and how important it is for us to move past the fear of not trusting ourselves into self-empowerment

  • A few essential herbs to have in your garden or kitchen cupboard

Wild Woman Waking is a new podcast created by a beautiful soul, yoga teacher and women's circle and ceremony holder, Katie Huntsman, so if you enjoy the episode, please do support her new endeavour by giving her podcast 5 stars and following if you're interested in hearing when new episodes come out. And if you're in the East Yorkshire area, do give her a follow and look into her offerings - she's on Instagram at @wildwomanwaking and @wildthingyogaandwellness.

I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation. Be sure to listen to the end for an exclusive offer!

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