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Keeping Our Cool in the Summer Heat

Written by Meghan Rhodes MCPP MAPA

Summer is finally here, which means we have finally got some days of proper warmth and there's no stronger desire than to just run outside and soak up the beautiful sun.

Many of us with hot constitutions - also known as pitta in the Ayurvedic tradition - crave the heat. But when the environment's heat pushes our own inner heat, it can become overwhelming. We get irritated and stressed, frustrated and flustered, trying to cram everything into these few summer days. Perfectionistic tendencies go into overdrive and it becomes more difficult to enjoy the moment.

fresh california poppy flowers

California poppy is perfect for these situations, not just in summer when it blooms, but all year round. It's a gentle but effective 'chill out' herb that helps us get grounded and cool down when building heat starts to fry our nervous systems. And when we preserve it as a tincture, we can take that summer calm whenever we need it across the seasons.

So when it all seems a bit too much, when you're caught in your head trying to get everything done on a list you can't stop adding to, take a moment to stop. Turn your face to the sun. Soak up its rays and enjoy this time. There will always be more time for doing and not everything has to happen in the now.

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