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Relearn How to Trust Your Senses and Instincts

Written by Meghan Rhodes MCPP MAPA

Do you trust your senses? Do you listen to your instincts?

There was a time when the messages we received from the world around us and the world within us we matters of survival - what to eat, where was safe, who to connect with.

Ironically, today's world has been created through an intensive systematic process of telling us to dull our senses and discredit our instincts.

Qualified herbalist Meghan Rhodes in her apothecary garden with tall marshmallow stalks

Why is a discussion for another place and time, but the great irony is that today's world requires us to be in tune with these survival mechanisms baked into our beings because more than ever we have to navigate illusion.

The illusion of tastiness, of nourishment, of satisfaction. The illusion of safety. The illusion of something being natural or good for us.

There is a lot of money and power behind selling us illusions. But I believe we know better.

Our irrepressible impetus to survive compels us to stop, to pause, to listen to our bodies. That feeling that says - that doesn't make sense - or - that can't be right - or - this just doesn't feel good. Listen to that. Act on that.

Because when we retrain ourselves to trust our senses and instincts rather than labels and systems, we break out of the cycle of silence and step into a realm of strength.


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