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UK Herbalism Course - Learning Herbal Medicine at a Deeper Level - Reflections on This Year’s Cohort

Written by Meghan Rhodes MCPP MAPA

This year’s intensive herbalism course students have completed the first four seasons of their journey learning herbal medicine. There are many herbalism courses in the UK to choose from, but the students who joined me this year were looking for something different - a UK-based herbalism course that went beyond memorising facts, that took them out of the old school revise for exams approach. They wanted to know herbal medicine deeply. They wanted to feel it in their bones. They wanted to live it. When we came together for their final seasonal gathering and then to celebrate their journeys at our closing ceremony, everyone had ample time to reflect on where the course has taken them so far. Here’s a snippet of their experiences.

Our Winter Gathering - Well on Their Way to Mastery

At our final seasonal in-person session, we pulled everything together from this year’s journey, focusing on what and how to approach giving the best support when friends and family inevitably get wind of you being on a herbalism course and come knocking on your door for the green version of a pill. And - crucially - how to understand and identify their current boundaries of what they are and aren’t able to support safely.

One of the students brought a very complex case of a friend for us to discuss, and the skill and clarity with which the entire group listened to all the details, worked with photographs of the friend’s tongue to perform a brilliant tongue diagnosis on an atypical tongue and got to the root of the many messages this friend’s body was giving alongside a handful of allopathic diagnoses was - in a word - extremely impressive.

Their clarity was palpable.

I didn’t have to say much, to be honest, because all of the knowledge and skills they’ve developed this year has sunk in at the bone level. It is part of them now.

  • They know how to read and follow the path of energetic imbalances in the body.

  • They know the deeper work of unpicking societal messaging and marketing that needs to be done to build lasting resilience and vitality.

  • They know the twelve herbs they’ve developed relationships with this year like dear, cherished friends.

  • And they know how to match the right herbs for an individual person and blend them into effective remedies they can make with their own two hands.

Make no mistake - these women are powerful. And so it was important that they were recognised as such.

A Herbalism Course in the UK that Honours Your Journey and Yourself

One of the core values within the journey on which I guide students who join this UK herbalism course is honouring ourselves, which is why our final gathering was a celebration, but also a ceremony, a rite of passage.

These intrepid souls have been on a journey over four seasons. Gathered in a very special yurt, we held our ceremony - welcoming this year’s students into the lineage of herbalists that has no finite beginning, weaving the web of people carrying forward this fundamental knowledge of nature into their homes and communities.

Yes, everyone cried!

And once all the acknowledgements and seriousness and crying had their moments, we sat in the sort of deep comradery you can only feel when you’ve truly shared an experience with each other, and we began a living tapestry, which will grow each winter with every cohort who undertakes the journey deep into the heart of herbalism.

intensive herbalism course in the UK - closing ceremony

A UK Herbalism Course that Inspires Real Changes in Your Life

Did this intimate herbalism course nestled in the north of the UK have a tangible impact on this year’s cohort?

‘This is something my life was compelling me to learn. I couldn’t turn away from it.’

‘I’m feeling so much more prepared for my clinical herbal practitioner training now.’

‘Having explored so many things, and now finally finding the path I’m meant to be on.’

‘My heart is so full.’

‘Making big changes in my life. Coming back to what I wanted to do in my 20s after spending 40 years getting swept up in life.’

‘Giving myself permission to be who I always wanted to be.’

‘This course has changed my life.’

After four seasons, these herbalism students have knowledge. They have skills. They have understanding. They have community. They have full hearts (not to mention jars and bottles of herbal remedies they’ve been creating). They have a deeper sense of self.

Nearly all of this year’s cohort are continuing on to a second year to further deepen their knowledge, skills and connection - and I can’t wait to guide them!

2023 Year 1 Awaken Herbal Wisdom Cohort

Reflecting on This Year’s Cohort and Looking Ahead

Yes, this year’s Awaken Herbal Wisdom cohort have completed a herbalism course across four seasons. But more than that, they have all truly been on a journey - many parts shared, just as many parts their own unique paths. They have acquired skills and knowledge and are using them to make real changes in their lives - for themselves, their families and their communities. These students have awakened something that was deep within their bones and now they are all looking forward to the next part of their journey.

If you’re looking for a herbalism course in the UK that isn’t all books and exams, but which is grounded, practical and hands-on, I invite you to join me. New cohorts enrol each autumn and begin the following spring, with registration opening first to the waiting list. You can find all the course details here, where you’ll also be able to join the waiting list or enrol.

I can’t wait to see how your journey unfolds!


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