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What to Do When Someone Actually Gets Sick (and You Want to Use Herbal Remedies)

Written by Meghan Rhodes MCPP MAPA

How many hours do you reckon you've spent informing yourself about the importance of natural health, but still feel like you're stuck when it comes to just having what you need to hand when someone actually gets sick?

You've read all about the side effects, toxic ingredients and how mainstream drugstore medications are just silencing the body, rather than supporting it through a common illness. You've binned the Calpol and rarely resort to paracetamols yourself. You want out of that system.

But then someone gets sick and you just stand there staring at your medicine cabinet thinking - Ok, but what do I actually do now?

Qualified herbalist Meghan Rhodes

Maybe you've collected some teas and tinctures and dried a bit of foraged herbs. (Or maybe you're way too busy to even have time for that!) But if you're flat out with the lurgy or your child's cranky with a cold, the last thing you want to do is look at all those individual puzzle pieces alongside a pile of herbal reference books and have to think about putting something together (and then wondering if you've made a blend that's going to be as effective as it could be).

The key is to be prepared.

You've cultivated the knowledge of your body, herbs and how to work with them to support your health, but having remedies ready to use is a game changer.

I'll let you in on a secret - even though I have my apothecary in my home, in most circumstances, I don't make everything from scratch in the moment when someone in my family gets ill!

In fact, that's why I formulated so many of the remedies in The Members' Apothecary - my membership offering that gets you exclusive access to an extensive set of herbal tinctures, teas and topical remedies - so I could meet my family's needs harnessing my professional training to create a suite of herbal go tos and so that all of us could use them. Ready to use. In the moment. Without getting bogged down in analysis paralysis.

My daughter has picked up conjunctivitis? My husband can grab the drops and give them to her. Chesty cold making its way through the whole family? We can all use the same remedy. Toddler's in the midst of developing her immune system, but still happy in herself? Send the appropriate blend into nursery and have them give her a dose at lunchtime.

Simple. Stress-free. Self-reliant.

And then we just get better - with completely natural herbal remedies.

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