Rhodes Roots & Remedies founded by Meghan Rhodes MCPP MAPA IPHM
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Herbal Medicine

harnesses the healing properties of whole plants (the original & natural sources of modern day medicines) to restore balance in the body. The herbalist's role is to understand your unique needs & combine them with a deep knowledge of medicinal herbs to help you be your healthiest self naturally, without the side effects.

Offerings for Your Health

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Private Consultations
Comprehensive herbal medicine consultation services for deep & lasting health
Group Events & Experiences
Gain knowledge, skills & confidence in using herbal medicine in your daily life
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The Members' Apothecary
Access natural alternatives to stock your home medicine cabinet
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Expertly Crafted
Herbal Products

Buy herbal products & gifts handmade & curated by our Founder
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A Message from Our Founder

Meghan Rhodes, MCPP MAPA IPHM
Qualified Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Natural remedies have been part of my life since childhood, but it was only when my personal health challenges peaked in my early 20s & I had to take responsibility for supporting my own wellbeing that I stumbled upon herbal medicine. What began as an individual journey grew into something I wanted to feel confident in using to support my future family, & ultimately became my career and vocation.


So much of what’s around us, what we’re used to, & what’s ‘normal’ isn’t working for us. It’s not getting & keeping us healthy, it’s not natural, & it’s increasingly being shown that it’s not safe. Even the overwhelming deluge of greenwashed products & advertising masquerading as information are things we have to constantly scrutinise & assess when we’re trying to do the right thing for our families. It’s exhausting & it’s not good enough.


However, if you understand how your health works & how to use herbs to support yourself & your family through life’s ups & downs, you can replace worry & stress with knowledge & power, giving you the time & freedom to enjoy living the life you want. You can also pass it on to the next generation, so your children grow up knowing how to take care of themselves & that they always have a natural option, making them both prepared for the future & resilient in the face of it.


I’d love you to start your journey towards long-lasting natural health through herbal medicine with me. Whether you join me on a workshop or course, receive bespoke 1:1 support for a specific health concern, or stock your home medicine cabinet with my natural alternatives, I want you to gain confidence & control over your own health & the health of your family so you are always safe in the knowledge you’re giving them the best.



'Having a condition as I do, where it’s still not quite understood & where the doctors have been advised to put people like me on opioids, I sought out an alternative route & found Meghan.
Meghan not only took her time to fully understand my condition, she listened to what my needs were & provided me with alternative solutions that worked! I have suffered from insomnia & chronic fatigue in addition to what I have, & within the first dose it was
the most sleep I had in years! 
I am really happy with the service I received, & it really did make a difference to my life.
Thank you, Meghan.'

~ Rachel


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