Student Code of Ethics

All of our students are required to agree to and abide by our Student Code of Ethics:

  • Above all, do no harm.
  • Any use of herbs must always be done with the best of intentions and within the current scope of the knowledge, skills and experience of the student.
  • Only support people with herbs who explicitly ask for such support or for whom you are legally responsible (e.g. your children).
  • Do not knowingly give an abortifacient or uterine stimulant herb during pregnancy.
  • Be aware of the current boundaries of your knowledge, skills and experience at any given time.
  • Do not seek to diagnose.
  • Do not seek to titrate an individual off prescription pharmaceuticals. This requires the support of a qualified practitioner.
  • Heed your intuition and your senses. If something does not feel right, look right, smell right, taste right or if you are for any other reason unsure, stop use of herbs and seek professional support where appropriate.
  • Treat all students and instructors with kindness and respect.
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of anyone who seeks your support with herbs, as well as any individuals discussed within the context of the course.
  • Always check for contraindications and medications before supporting someone with herbs.
  • If you are unsure, stop and ask for support before administering a herb or giving advice.
  • Use of any of the content and/or materials provided as part of the Website and/or Services in any artificial intelligence (AI) tools or services is strictly prohibited.

We the right to dismiss any student who does not abide by our Student Code of Ethics or Terms & Conditions with no recourse to refund or other compensation, no explanation and with no further access to course materials.
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