​Our Guiding Principles:
Our Personal Compass & Our Promise to You

Nourishing Knowledge

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The modern world is a constant stream of content. But the core of how we approach teaching herbalism is to provide nourishing knowledge, rather than information bingeing. Everything we create is designed to nourish you, fulfil you and empower you to be more resilient because when you have this inner sustenance and satisfaction, you develop the skills to use the knowledge you gain to continue to nurture yourself long into the future.

Deep in Your Bones

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Whilst the knowledge and skills to use herbal medicine isn't at the front of everyone's minds, it is baked into all of our bones. It's been passed down with each generation, imprinted in our biology. That's why when so many people begin studying herbalism, they say, I'm not sure how, but I knew that. So whilst we awaken what’s waiting for you to discover in the fabric of your being, we also teach with the intention that the skills and knowledge you develop become muscle memory, so that they last a lifetime.

Senses, Stories and Experiences

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Our senses are the gateway to our deepest memories - whether we’re accessing old ones or forming new ones. A smell or a taste is inextricably interwoven with an experience we’ve had and the story we tell to recount it. This is why our teaching methodologies are all based on engaging your senses, experiencing working with herbs and remedies first hand and sharing stories that paint vivid pictures that stick in your mind. Learning herbalism with us is practical, hands-on and memorable.

Rooted in the Past, Resilient in the Present

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Herbal medicine is nothing new, nor is it the singular solution when it comes to taking ownership of your health and cultivating personal empowerment in your home - and this is precisely the point. The medicine of the earth has been supporting all creatures from the dawn of time. It has the longest track record of safety and effectiveness when used appropriately in an informed and respectful manner, linking us to every generation before us and forming an important part of the recipe of being resilient in the present. 

Create a Legacy

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Our intention is to bring the knowledge and skills of herbalism back into the fabric and breath of our daily rhythms, not just because herbalism is a part of how we live our lives, but also because the next generation learns from our example. Our children and grandchildren can grow up tuning into their bodies and turning to the natural world for remedies as they see us do the same and ask us questions. In this way, not only do we create a legacy, but we also create a new paradigm of what is normal - one that is positive, fertile and thriving for both people and the planet together.


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Whether it’s meeting new people who want to learn for the same reasons as you, seeing them season after season to connect with the herbs and each other or making friends for a lifetime, we all know there is power in community. Not only are we stronger together than in isolation, there is also something incredibly freeing about spending time with like-minded people - that ability to fully exhale and just be, knowing you’re not the odd one out, knowing you can just ask the questions that come to you, connect the dots out loud and share your thoughts and yourself with others. When you learn herbalism with us, you’ll be reminded you are not alone.
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