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Herbalism & Ancestral Wisdom is Baked into Your Bones

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Rachel Hodgens interviews Meghan Rhodes on The Weaving the Wild Podcast

There is nothing I love more than a deep, rich conversation, so I'm thrilled to share a new podcast interview with you! 

Rachel Hodgens has an incredible talent for weaving intimate, engaging conversations on her beautiful podcast, Weaving the Wild. It was genuinely an honour to be her guest. 

Our chat - 110. Herbalism & Ancestral Wisdom is Baked into Your Bones: Awaken Your Inner Healer & Ancestral Plant Memory with Meghan Rhodes - has been released on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

In it, we talk about: 

  • The organic relationship that exists between us the rest of nature
  • Engaging with whole plant medicine
  • Three of the seven tastes of herbs and how our bodies know to respond to them
  • Cultivating both the ability to listen to and to trust the messages our bodies send us and our intuition - and how important it is that we silence neither

Weaving the Wild is one of my personal favourites when it comes to podcasts. Every conversation leaves you feeling both nourished and expanded. Rachel and I enjoyed chatting so much, she's going to be joining me for an Instagram live so we can pick back up on this core thread of tuning into and honouring our body's messages and intuition that runs through both of our work. I can't wait for you to hear how Rachel approaches this topic and meet the woman behind the mic! Be sure to join us Tuesday, 17th October at 10.30am on Instagram to listen in. Don't worry if you can't join us live - our chat will be saved to my profile if you can't join us at that time. 

If you enjoy the episode, please do support Rachel by giving her podcast 5 stars on Spotify or leave her a lovely review on Apple podcasts, and be sure to follow if you want to hear more of her conversations with some truly brilliant and wise women. You can also find her on Instagram at @therachelhodgens.

So make a cup of your favourite herbal tea, cosy up and enjoy!

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