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Herbalism and Intuition with Meghan Rhodes

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Meghan Field interviews Meghan Rhodes on The Intuition Conversations Podcast

What does it mean to weave intuition into your journey of learning and exploring herbalism? Is it something that takes us 'away with the faeries' or is it actually an exploratory process that's quite deep and visceral in the body?

This is the rich conversation I explore on my latest podcast guest interview on The Intuition Conversations. 

This episode - Herbalism and Intuition with Meghan Rhodes - has been released on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

In it, we talk about: 

  • The practical ways we can feel into our herbal medicine journeys
  • How to get started building relationships with herbs (and how not to overcomplicate it!)
  • The ancient and common nature of herbal medicine
  • Breaking down and seeing through the messages and systems that have been put in place over generations to separate us from ourselves, our inner knowledge and the rest of nature
  • And a bit of insight into just how powerful bringing herbalism into your daily life can make you.

The Intuition Conversations podcast is an ever-evolving collection of conversations that will inspire deep questions and invite you to explore new facets of your own intuition. The host, Meghan Field, is based in Cornwall where she offers beautiful retreats and - something I've really enjoyed - Qoya, which can be summed up as an intuitive, free flowing dance practice. If you're not able to travel to one of Meghan's events in person, definitely give one of her online Qoya classes a go. They offer both incredible fun and release.

Do follow Meghan on Instagram at @meghanelizabethfield and be sure to support her podcast by giving it five stars or leaving her a review if you enjoy the episode! 

I can't wait for you to hear our conversation!

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