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How Herbal Medicine Can Support Modern Lives

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Fiona MacKay interviews Meghan Rhodes on the Nurtured by Nature Podcast

There are so many ways in which we are connected with the rest of nature, so how can we reweave that connection where it has been lost? This is the conversation I had with Fiona MacKay on her beautiful podcast, Nurtured by Nature. 

This episode - How Herbal Medicine Can Support Modern Lives - has been released on Spotify and Apple podcasts. You can also watch the interview on YouTube.

In it, we talk about: 

  • The many ways in which we as humans are part of and connected to the rest of nature
  • Why knowing our bodies is as important as knowing medicinal plants
  • How the tastes of herbs not only tell our bodies what to do, but also give us insight into how much we need
  • How taking personal responsibility for our own health is an incredibly empowering journey
  • And some of my top tips for getting started if you're new to exploring herbal medicine.

Nurtured by Nature is an incredibly grounded podcast, bringing a welcome wash of positivity to our thoughts and outlook on the future when it comes to all of nature. Each of Fiona's episodes are a beautiful listen, and I highly recommend them! 

Host Fiona is a talented and creative wildlife artist and photographer, and her gorgeous creations are well worth a look here. 

If you enjoy the episode, please do be sure to give Fiona five stars on Spotify or leave a review on Apple podcasts - these little actions all help more people find great podcasts like this one! Of course,  you'll find Fiona on Instagram at @fionamackayphotography, where you can follow him for the latest updates.

So make a cup of your favourite herbal tea, cosy up and enjoy!

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