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Meghan Rhodes: Tasting Herbalism

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Rox Madeira interviews Meghan Rhodes on the Sage's Cabin Podcast
Spring is moments away, and I've got a fresh herbalist to herbalist chat for you!

This episode - 44 - Meghan Rhodes: Tasting Herbalism - has been released today on Spotify and Apple podcasts. In it, we talk about:

  • How tastes trigger our biology to respond to the medicine in plants
  • How to recalibrate your palette to be able to detect the 7 key tastes of herbs
  • How understanding tastes helps you make more effective herbal remedies at home
  • What are the main messages the key tastes of herbs tell our bodies
  • How I formulate herbal remedies primarily by taste
Rox is a woman of many talents - a family and community herbalist in Scotland, who runs and is involved in an impressive number of events, gatherings, circles and events. If you're ever up Rox's way, you should definitely plan ahead to join in on her offerings. Her podcast, Sage's Cabin, is a valuable collection of conversations with all sorts of brilliant herbalists - many of whom you may have on your bookshelves - so it's definitely worth having a look through her past episodes and giving them a listen, especially for those of us so hungry for herbal knowledge. Alongside her podcast, Rox offers a Patreon, where you can access all sorts of extras to go with the episodes (including a special offer from me), so do check it out here.
If you enjoy the episode, please do support Rox by giving her podcast 5 stars on Spotify or leave her a lovely review on Apple podcasts, and be sure to follow if you want to hear more of her conversations with a wide range of brilliant herbalists. You can also find her on Instagram at @wise_herbal_ways.

So make a cup of your favourite herbal tea and join us in the Sage's Cabin!
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