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Taste Your Garden

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Sarah Wilson interviews Meghan Rhodes on The Roots and All Gardening Podcast

I know many of you are gardening afficionados, so I'm incredibly pleased to be able to share my latest podcast appearance with you! 

This time, I'm speaking with Sarah Wilson of the Roots and All gardening podcast, which is bursting with brilliant conversations about all things in our gardens. 

The episode - Taste Your Garden - has been released on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

In it, we talk about: 

  • How growing herbs gives gardening a whole other dimension of wellbeing
  • The medicinal benefits of aromatic/pungent herbs
  • Will herbal medicine only 'work' if you have an open mind towards it?
  • Why so many people these days are experiencing gut imbalances (and a bit about my personal journey with herbal medicine)

Roots and All is a UK based gardening podcast hosted by 'irreverent horticulturist', as she calls herself, Sarah Wilson. Her conversations cover the gamut of all things gardening and green, and I love the punchy pace our chat had! Sarah held no questions back - absolutely brilliant! 

If you enjoy the episode, please do support her by giving her podcast 5 stars on Spotify or leave her a lovely review on Apple podcasts, and be sure to follow if you want to hear more of her conversations with fascinating plant and gardening people. You can also find her on Instagram at @rootsandallpod.

I know autumn is setting in, but I do hope our conversation encourages you to get out in your garden (and have a nibble)!

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