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Understanding Herbs through Taste with Meghan Rhodes

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Brighid Doherty interviews Meghan Rhodes on The Healthy Herb Podcast

Can't get enough of herbal conversations? Then get ready to enjoy the wealth of knowledge shared on The Healthy Herb Podcast! 

This episode - Understanding Herbs through Taste with Meghan Rhodes - has been released on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

In it, we talk about: 

  • My own health journey and working with herbs to get back into balance
  • How I started learning herbalism
  • The messages different herbal tastes send to your body (and the messages your body is sending to you asking for specific herbal tastes)
  • And the first herb I ever 'met'!

Brighid is a wonderful herbalist and teacher based in Maine in the US, where she offers all sorts of herbal workshops. Her podcast, The Healthy Herb, is full of clear, educational episodes that are well worth a listen as you create your own journey into herbalism. She's recently contributed to the autumn edition of the stunning digital herbal magazine, Botanical Anthology. It is an absolute feast for the eyes, as well as full of fascinating articles and recipes - definitely check it out! 

If you enjoy the episode, please do support Brighid by giving her podcast 5 stars on Spotify or leave her a lovely review on Apple podcasts, and be sure to follow if you want to hear more of her educational and inspiring herbal chats. You can also find her on Instagram at @solidagoherbschool.

So make a cup of your favourite herbal tea and join us!

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